KeyScout is a company specialized in International Transfer & Football Players and Coaches Career Management, that offers dynamic and integrated solutions in order to achieve excellence whilst always aiming to overcome our players, coaches and partners expectations.

Our group’s expertise and strong global relationships enable us to provide world-class service to our clients, supporting their ambitions both on and off the pitch.

We pride ourselves on having the strictest ethic’s code and the highest level of professionalism always trying to be the solution and not part of the problem.

Our team also consists in ex professional footballers, which enable us to understand more deeply the players’ mentality and needs.








  • Contract Negotiation: KeyScout provides its clients with multiple years experience in negotiating contracts while dealing with executives of top clubs all over the world; the knowledge of all rules both on domestic and International Leagues.
  • Legal Counseling: KeyScout is assisted by some of the top lawyers in the world who have represented Players, Football Federations and Clubs.
  • Marketing & Images rights: KeyScout promotes its clients image to all specialized and general media and provides guidance on the best way to use and sell its Image rights.
  • Investment Guidance & Consulting: KeyScout provides consulting to players and its family members to make sure they invest wisely and have a proper retirement plan after their career is over.
  • Endorsement & Sponsorship: KeyScout is able to search and evaluate sponsorship and endorsement opportunities with commercial brands for its clients.